While you’re here, don’t forget…

To check out my Facebook page dedicated to writing, also called Liegois Media for lack of a better name. Like I’ve said previously, it’s where I’m sharing quotes, stories, pictures, advice and other stuff about writing I come across online.

As part of a way to make things more fun, I’ve started to have a couple of theme days throughout the week. I’ll list the ones I’ve established so far:

  • Monday – #WritingQuoteMonday (starting next week)
  • Thursday – #TBT (stuff about classic writers)
  • Saturday – #SciFiSaturday (occasionally #SciFiFantasySaturday; self-explanatory)

If any of you have any ideas for other days, I’m totally open to them. I’ll try and think of a couple more on my own. 

Feel free to visit and browse around. 

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