Getting Started on the Publishing Journey

Even as I am continuing on the new project, getting The Holy Fool into publication is now a priority. Given the story itself is set in 2008, it would make a lot of sense from a marketing and general interest standpoint to release the story on that 10-year anniversary.

I’ve been taking a look at some query possibilities, including both agents and publishers. Personally, it’s nice to see that many of them are accepting email queries now rather than expecting people to pay postage. Computer files take up a lot less space than reams of paper, as much as I’ve been a fan of paper in the past.

Right now, the first necessary step seems to be to put together a main query letter that I could use in most circumstances. Naturally, I’d modify it as need be to match the particular recipient. I think having the query ready to go would help speed up the process, especially as I plan to send out and keep track of multiple queries.

With a meeting of my writing group coming up, I’m seriously considering having the query letter reviewed by them to see how well I’m selling the book. A couple of them have already been published, so the advice would be useful, maybe more so than looking at my new manuscript.

Of course, if any reader of this blog happens to be an agent or publisher that might be interested in a journalism-based thriller, feel free to contact me as soon as possible.

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