Writing Journal/Random Notes 12.10.2017: I made my quota, at least?

It sort of feels like a lost weekend for me – I sort of bugged out a little, but it was a good weekend. Luckily, thanks to a decent writing weekend (remember when I said I shouldn’t depend on those, ha ha), I managed to make my quota. As always, the totals:

+3,561 words written.

Days writing: 6 out of 7.

Daily writing goals met (500+ words): 4 out of 7 days.

Well, there’s some weeks that I would have died for this type of writing week – the ones where I didn’t meet my quota, that is. 🙂

Now for the Random Notes:

  1. I do appreciate the writing groups on Facebook that straight up allow you to promo your sites and exchange likes and subscriptions with each other. If you are one of those guys that ran across me on one of those pages, I’m glad to see you and let me know what you thought of the site.
  2. The more I looked at those sites, the more I got envious of the authors that have actual products (i.e., books) to hawk on their sites. I never was a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I want to make one now. I want to have something set up by next year to be selling one of my books – likely The Holy Fool – in some format so that people can read it and I can get some actual cash from it. I don’t care whether it would be an e-book or whatever. That is a goal I plan to meet.
  3.  I liked posting one of my writings on the page last week. I’m going to try to make that more of a thing. I never considered myself much of a poet, but I might post some of my feeble attempts at the art form here, as well as some other random writings and essays as well. Especially stuff I don’t think I could ever monetize. 🙂
  4. Hit the 75,000-word mark on my current project, The American Nine. Good times. As I think I mentioned, I am shooting for a book of just under 100,000 words (which I think is my new hard limit for the books I am writing). I was hoping to have a little less than 90,000 words by the end of the year. With being in mid-December, I am now at over 77,000 words. I think my plan is doable.

That’s it for now; more later.

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