A Quick Note of Explanation, or, Why I Won’t be Writing a Writing Week Post Today

Hi, everyone.

I will not be posting what has been my regular A Week in the Writing Life post/newsletter/whatever you want to call it at this point on Saturday like usual.

There are two particular reasons I have to blow through this deadline.

First of all, I will be on the road for much of today, especially with that book fair appearance at the Johnston (Iowa) Public Library appearance I mentioned three or four times on here, so I won’t talk more about it (but I will let you know later how it went).

Also, I took a last chance opportunity to participate in this year’s Iron Pen Competition, sponsored by the Midwest Writing Center which I am well-familiar with as a former member. That took up a considerable period of time, although I will discuss it when I put out the post on Sunday. It was a great experience.

See you Sunday.