About Me

I’m Jason Liegois – a former newspaper journalist who has now transitioned into the teaching profession. Currently, I am living in south central Iowa -specifically, Lucas County – although I spent the majority of my life in Eastern Iowa, where I grew up. I live there with my wife Laura, and our two children are now living on their own around the state..

For the past few years, I have been making an effort to finally get going on a lifelong passion – my interest in fiction writing. Although I have been interested in being a writer ever since I was a teenager, it’s only been in the past several years that I have had the mental discipline to produce fiction writing on anything close to a consistent basis.

The purpose of this blog is to focus on that interest in a way that is both varied and may change over time. I originally created it with the idea of increasing my writing output, and eventually promoting my own writing.

What it has become is a chronicle of writing and the writing life. Specifically, it’s been here where I’ve chronicled my writing life, what I have experienced, what I have learned, through this lifelong process. I share what I have learned throughout the years, what has worked, and what has not. As much as I hope this is useful to you, the reader, it is also intended to help me understand where I have been and where I’m going as a writer.

I’ll also be posting writing advice, as well as some of my reviews of writing products and software. And every so often, I’ll be sharing some of my original work, which can include short fiction, essays, and poems.

If you’re looking for everywhere I’m at online, go to my Link In Bio page on the menu at the top of this blog. That’s where you’ll find the links to my companion Substack blog, The Writing Life With Jason Liegois, where you can sign up to subscribe to that and be part of my mailing list, as well as my Facebook, Goodreads, and Amazon pages.

It also has a link to My Works page, where I’ve posted all the links to buy all of my paid fiction. There is a link to that page on the menu for this blog.

If you still like to email people and you want to email me, you can do that at jasonliegois@liegois.media. I have a separate page for that too on the menu if you like to get fancy.

I look forward to the adventure and sharing my journey in writing.