About Me

I’m Jason Liegois – a former newspaper journalist who has now transitioned into the teaching profession. Currently, I am living in south central Iowa, although I spent the majority of my life in Eastern Iowa, where I grew up. I live there with my wife Laura, and our two children are now living on their own around the state..

For the past few years, I have been making an effort to finally get going on a lifelong passion – my interest in fiction writing. Although I have been interested in being a writer ever since I was a teenager, it’s only been in the past several years that I have had the mental discipline to produce fiction writing on anything close to a consistent basis.

The purpose of this blog is to focus on that interest in a way that is both varied and may change over time. I created it with the idea of increasing my writing output, and eventually promoting my own writing. Here is also where I’ll be posting my thoughts on writing, as well as my own work, on a weekly basis.

I also have a Facebook page for writing, also called Liegois Media. Originally set up as a page for my journalism career, with my reentry into teaching, I decided to rebrand it as my first writing interest page. That’s where I post interesting articles, photos, quotes and memes on writing. I do that on a daily basis, and my posts from this blog also appear on that page. You can check out that feed in the sidebar.

I also crosspost everything that goes on the Facebook page on Twitter via my handle @LiegoisMedia. Go ahead and check me out there if you’re dying to see me write very briefly. You can also find that link in the sidebar.

I recently started blogging on Substack, as well. I’ll be crossposting some of the content here on there, and occasionally vice-versa. You can find me at Substack at https://jasonliegoisauthor.substack.com/.

If you still like to email people and you want to email me, you can do that at jasonliegois@liegois.media.

I look forward to the adventure and sharing my journey in writing.