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Hi, everyone. This is where I’ll be providing links to my books for purchase. I’ll also include synopsis information for them, as well.

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 The Yank Striker: A Footballer’s Beginning


He’s DJ Ryan, an All-American wide receiver about to graduate high school. But he’s still in the shadow of his All-American quarterback brother Trey Ryan and his dad, college football national championship coach Junior Ryan. Why not join them at Hamilton State University in Texas for glory and a title, while kickstarting a future NFL career and financial security? Even if it is tough for him to be in the same room with his dad.

However, there’s a couple complications. Football likes its heroes to be men who get turned on by women, but DJ’s attracted to people regardless of what sex they are or aren’t. He doesn’t advertise that, just like his mother doesn’t advertise that she left his dad for a woman of her own.

Then there’s DJ’s love for the other sport known as football – soccer. He’s a talented striker for both high school and semipro teams. By coincidence, a scout from the Premier League club Donford FC in London notices him by chance and offers DJ a tryout…

Is he going to head to the NFL, or cross the Atlantic and take a risk on the unknown? And will he live life in the shadows or out in the open?

The Holy Fool: A Journalist’s Revolt

the holy fool cover shot


It is September 2008, in the city of Chicago. On the eve of the presidential election and the Great Recession, Chicago Journal columnist Samuel “Sonny” Turner has been writing an investigative series on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. His bosses at the paper are reluctant to run the stories, which are based on top secret government files leaked from a Pentagon source. Turner increasingly wonders whether he will have to travel a different path to tell the truth.

Despite these conflicts, he agrees to do a favor for his mentor, Journal City Editor Gus Pulaski – investigate his own newspaper to see if its owner is looking to sell or close the paper due to financial difficulties. As Turner and Pulaski begin to conspire to somehow save the newspaper from a final edition, Turner is considering his own plans to get the truth out. Turner, frustrated by the constraints of traditional media, considers starting a new form of journalism from the ashes of the old.

In Russian literature, the holy fool was a man who lived outside the boundaries of normal society, who could speak truths others could not. Turner sees himself as the journalistic version of this fool.

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