Starting the Publication Search

After a couple months of procrastination (watching movies, watching soccer matches (#SoccerIsLife, fam), browsing Facebook and YouTube, getting back into writing mode, watching the calendar for the start of the school year, starting this blog), I’ve started to get serious about publishing options for my Project #3, The Holy Fool, which I talked about a bit ago.

For right now, I am in full-on investigation mode. Today I signed up with Writer’s Market online to see potential listings for publishers and agents. Back home years ago I bought a print edition of that book, but it didn’t work out at that time. Now with the new technology, I’m hoping to make a more scientific search that might produce better results.

I’ve also taken a look at a few pay to publish companies. They have been very friendly and thorough with their contacts with me and descriptions of their services. To be frank, with my wife starting her own business and us trying to stay on a budget, the amount of money they are talking about is just too much for me to consider.

I’m also now taking a look at Amazon’s self-publishing services. I’ve just taken my first look at the site right now and have been soliciting some advice about how well it works from my friends and people in my online writing groups. Right now, the Amazon option looks like the surest bet to actually have a book published.

My goal is to have the Holy Fool published in one format or another by next year. The events it covers take place in 2008, so having the book published 10 years after those events would make good sense from a marketing perspective, I believe.

If any readers have an opinion on which areas might be good options for agents or publishing, feel free to contact me in the comments.

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