A Scheduling Matter

Starting this Sunday, I will be going back onto school time. I’m always going to know it’s getting to be the start of the school year when the Premier League starts up.

As I keep mentioning here, getting the scheduling right for my writing will be critical. I think that if I discipline myself, I can easily set aside one hour for writing a night during the week. I also believe (although this is not as critical), that I set aside two or so hours per week to keep up with this blog and my writing social media (Liegois Media on Facebook and Twitter). I am positive that I can manage at least two posts on the weekends here on this page and maybe one midweek post.

There are particular reasons why I want to pursue this strategy. By running this writing blog, I am trying to keep myself honest about the amount of writing I do and that I want to do. I want to finally take my writing seriously enough to do it consistently and with the eventual intent to publish.

More and more, I find the internal motivation to write because I’m getting invigorated by how I feel when I actually create something. I also am learning something critical about getting something done – if I’m getting bored by something I write, I start writing something that isn’t boring, and try to avoid writing the boring parts. You’d be amazed at how much you get written by avoiding writing stuff that bores you.

I’d write some more now, but it’s the kickoff special for the Premier League.

More later.

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