Writing Journal 9/3/2017 (AKA the lack of writing)


It was a putrid writing week. Cannot justify it other than procrastination, distraction, and – for sure – lack of direction.

For what it’s worth, here’s the stats:

+822 words written.

Days writing: 3 out of 7.

Obviously the very worst writing week that I’ve had since I began the blog. The only thing that I can see as a bright spot is that the times that I go without writing are becoming shorter and shorter over the course of my life. There were times where I went years without writing a single word of fiction.

I’m better than this. Tomorrow I’m going to set up a plan for a daily writing goal – maybe not as ambitious as some advice I’ve read, but ambitious. I’ll talk about it then, and maybe do another entry on another subject.

Stay tuned.

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