I thought I’d come up with an interesting post. This probably isn’t it, but it might be illuminating anyway. 
My mother was the first indication of what parenting would be like for me. She has operated on the premise that I will always be the kid that was her son, no matter how old I get. But that’s how it works. You never stop being a parent, no matter if they leave the house or your life. 

In that role, she’s given me plenty of advice over the years, the greatest majority of it top shelf. Her most recent advice a few weeks ago stuck out to me today. She said, “It’s important for you to keep moving, Lee active. You find out it’s hard to get moving again if you get out of the habit.”

She was referring to physical activity that day, and I think she had a good point. However, tonight I also think it could equally apply to mental activity, as well. 

Today my brain shut down. I couldn’t do more than stare at screens and passively review content rather than creating it. 

Not to go into great detail, but I think I have to make sure I’m looking after myself during rest times as well as working times. I’m going to keep up the momentum from last week, write one or two kick-ass posts for this blog (Thank you, thank you, to all that come here to check out my stuff and follow me) and finally start sending out some query letters for The Holy Fool. 

Mom was right. It’s hard to get started back up again. But, I am getting back on it. 

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