Something’s growing.

It’s been an interesting month. The writing is coming to me easier now. I am finding a consistency that I never had before with writing.

What this is feeling like is different that what I’ve had before. I could let hours while away without ever thinking about trying to move forward on the libraries of books I’d written in my head. Never mind that, I could go for years without it. I don’t know how many video games and movies I occupied myself with in those years, saying that I was a writer and not doing anything about it.

Now, I get antsy when I stay away from my writing. The maximum I have not written has been two straight days ever since I started this blog. Although I am certainly not the same physical specimen I was as a kid or young adult, I think my mind and my writing talent are sharper than they have ever been.

Whether I’m going to be a published writer now or in the future is something I’m not yet clear on. However, I don’t feel like it’s a joke anymore when I call myself a writer.

Later, everyone.

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