Random Notes

Random notes, random image of the hometown… just randomness.

In the order of importance/or when they fly through my head:

1. As I mentioned, writing fell off at the end of the week but was relatively steady. One of the issues is that my computer had a crash that took it a few hours to get over.

2. I’m tending to repeat myself today.

3. I finally got the first two query letters out yesterday. I felt very good about it, especially now that I have a basic format I can adapt and use for those queries. I’ve also started a list of agents and publishers I have queried and update information on them. I realize that I am going to have to send out dozens and dozens to make an effective run at publishing, but it’s definitely a start.
As I’ve said before, I want to publish this thing one way or another by next year, whether that’s the “traditional” route or through Amazon or something. Now, at least, I’m starting to take baby steps toward that.

4. I’ve got two good ideas for new entries the following week, one on the amount of writing that writers find they have and one on my lifelong battle with procrastination in writing. I might even be about to get both of those out this week.

5. And speaking of this week, it is Thanksgiving week, which means time off from work… and more glorious time to write. I’ve felt that my feelings toward writing have changed in recent weeks and months, and looking forward to the writing process is one of those differences.

6. Plus… hey, let me reach out to the people who are reading this – what else would you be interested in hearing about? Excerpts from my fiction, or the little bit of poetry I’ve done over time? Would you be interested in hearing me review some books? Or maybe, you’d love to see something else? Please feel free to let me know in the comments, if you feel the urge, or DM me through the regular channels.

More later. Thanks, everyone.


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