Writing Journal 3.4.2018: Oh, hahaha (Life and silliness interferes with writing)


OK, here’s the totals –  I’ll explain below:

+687 words written.

Days writing: 3 out of 7.

Days revising: 1 out of 7 for 60 total minutes.

Daily writing goals met (500+ words or 30 minutes of revisions): 1 out of 7 days.

OK, so it’s better than last week. Not the highest of hurdles to clear, but it is cleared, for what it’s worth. However, two main things interfered with my writing this week.

First, as I mentioned previously, my realization that I have to use a different, fictional club rather than a real Premier League club. (Spoiler alert – I was considering Arsenal FC.) After consultations on the Internet in a few different writing group pages on Facebook, I came to that conclusion pretty quickly.

To be frank, I’ve spent much of my time thinking of what this club will look like, be located, named, and its history. I am betting that 95 percent of what I came up with will not be used in the main draft, but I sincerely believe that being able to have that background, that world-building, is important enough to devote time to. I think my next mid-week post might be about that.

The second reason was more pedestrian – I’ve been dealing with some sort of cold/infection for the past three days. Yesterday, I was barely able to do anything except sit in front of the television and watch Premier League most of the day. Now, I think I can at least think, but this totally stuffed nose can disappear at any time. It is far tougher to get any sleep when you have your nose stuffed up than anything else.

So, with a relatively short work week, better mental and physical stamina, I should be able to pick up production. However, I think that it’s hard at this stage of the writing process. Like a sculptor, I’m no longer taking huge swings with the mallet and big chisel, but chipping away with the smaller tools to get everything looking just right. My plan is to have a sub-99,999-word finished manuscript in my hand by my birthday, March 30. With spring break coming up, more time away from work, and maybe one or two lucky breaks, I’m pretty sure that is achievable.

So, you’ll have another blog post Wednesday and I’ll be setting up some more content for the FB and Twitter pages to see out the week. Hope everyone has a great week, and welcome to all of the new visitors.

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