Writing Journal/Random Notes 4.15.2018: Next steps

Hmmmm, the free WordPress media library helps out quite a bit when I’m stuck for picture ideas.

Anyway, to the weekly totals:

+1,413 words written (blog).

Days writing: 2 out of 7.

Days revising: 4 out of 7 for 150 total minutes.

Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of revisions): 5 out of 7 days.

That’s… somewhat more impressive than what I was expecting, considering that I was taking some break time after finishing the rough draft and first revision for The American Nine.

Just a few Random Notes, then:

  • This isn’t going to be too long, to start off with. I’m getting on with some work projects that have to finished up by this weekend. There’s some other odds and ends, but that’s about all I’ll say on the subject for the moment.
  • Anyway, I previously suggested that I was considering new projects, or some revived projects. That is coming into clearer focus, giving me more projects down the pipe than what I thought I had. The one project I had in mind seems to be more of a revival than a new project. However, I think I am going to wait and give that project its own entry and attention.
  • It seems like I’m waiting a bit for new news to come out about me and movement on certain fronts. However, long wait times are par for the course when it comes to books.
  • This is blog post #99 for me on Liegois Media, so I will do my darnedest to get out a special #100 post sometime this week. It will probably be a retrospective, but I’ll likely save the choicest recollections for the one-year anniversary blog post this summer. 🙂

That’s it and done – more later.

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