Writing Journal 5.25.2019: As my summer vacation begins, I get the feeling that my writing vacation is coming to an end

Hi, everyone. As I mentioned during the last journal entry, I have decided to add fiction planning time to my writing journal to reflect the work I am doing to plan and research for projects. I believe that is just as legitimate work as is putting the words to the paper (or hard drive) and revising what you have. So, it makes sense to add that to the journal, although when I changed the journal to the latest format, I wasn’t doing too much planning for projects, so the numbers shouldn’t be totally off.

So with that, here’s the numbers for last week.

+1,158 words written.

Days writing:  2 of 7.

Days planning/revising: 2 of 7 for 60 total minutes.

Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of revisions): 4 of 7 days.

As anyone who has been watching media could guess, Game Of Thrones ended last Sunday, so that’s all over but the shouting, the memes, and the memories. It’s even inspired me to try some fantasy fiction myself.

I am now officially in the summer vacation mode. After the long weekend, I’ve got two more days of in-service work to do, but honestly, working in-service days I can get done in my sleep. After that, I’ll be moving my wife into her new temporary digs and settling into the summer months running around kids and transitioning into a new thing.

Now that I have a long period of time where I will be doing little except running kids back and forth and trying to keep things ship-shape while the wife is away, I’m going to get back into the mix of writing and doing things to promote my work and this blog. Here’s a few things on the list.

  • First, get back to writing in a serious manner. I have a lot of work to do, both on the projects that are in the pipeline (see below) and the projects that are in the pipe dreams, so to speak. I want to spend this summer getting quite a lot done and moving myself forward regarding my writing career (since I won’t have to worry about teaching until the first part of August at least.). You’ll see what I have to do below.
  • I want to get more active on my Goodreads account. (Yes, I am on Goodreads.) I have a former high school classmate who reviews all of these books and does a great job of it, and he’s running the local United Way organization. There’s another former colleague of mine who manages to get on there more than I do; he’s one of those teachers who is all in regarding their work, bless them, and his wife is just the same, but they are good people and I admire them anyway. Regardless of that, I’m a writer who teaches, and what’s my fracking excuse? I should be reviewing books left and right and posting those reviews. I’ll post them on Goodreads; I should post them here as well.
  • I need to produce some more work. Almost two years ago, when I started this fracking blog, I wanted to be a published writer. Against all of the odds, I managed to make that happen. But, I’m not resting on those laurels. I want to make my writing career as big as I can make it. But, this goes beyond making money. I no longer write because I want to be famous like Stephen King or some rubbish like that. I’m writing because I literally cannot picture myself doing anything else. The only way I see myself is as a writer, prosperous or not. I can’t do anything else with my life.
  • It’s going to be a fun summer.

    Look, I have an event less than a week from now. Would you be willing to spread the word? [Obligatory plug, if you will (see below)]:

I’ll be hosting a book talk on my novel The Holy Fool at the Rock Island (Ill.) Public Library at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 1. I’m going to be there courtesy of the Midwest Writing Center, which is hosting the event.

One thing to keep in mind: My favorite English football team, Liverpool FC, is playing in the Champions’ League final at the exact same time this book talk is going to start. I may have to call off this talk early so we can all frack off to the nearest sports bar and see the results. We haven’t won the title in 14 years; I’m not going to miss that. Who knows any good sports bars on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities?

I have three writing projects I want to complete this summer (check things out here if you want more details on them.).

These are the projected deadlines for those projects:

  • Project A, begin querying agents and publishers: Sometime in early-mid summer 2019.
  • Project B, finish major redrafting of the rough draft (more of a second rough draft rather than a more focused revision): End of summer 2019.
  • Project C, finishing creating rough draft poems: End of 2019.

I am psyched about this summer. There’s so many things to do, and so much to take care of, before I get back into the grind of school sometime in mid-August. I’m looking forward to many cool things before everything cools down.. 😀

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