Writing Journal 7.28.2019: A tiny step closer to submitting stuff

Well, I want to keep things short again this week. Sorry I didn’t midweek post – I had a college trip I went on with my daughter. I’ve had the chance to go on three of those with her during the last month or so and it’s been a great time every time. We were up in Madison, Wisconsin, for one of those and my father tagged along with us. It was a great experience having him show us around the town he grew up in for a day. I learned a lot of stuff I wasn’t even expecting.

Point being, there were a few real-life things that interfered with the blogging, but I will get back on it. At least I’m posting regularly on the Facebook and Twitter sites, for what it is worth.

The numbers were slightly better this past week as opposed to the previous week, so there’s that.

+525 words written.

Days writing:  1 of 7.

Days revising/planning: 6 of 7 for  total minutes.

Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 6  of 7 days.

Not much else to say about them, except that I am continuing to try and push them up.

I’ll make a quick mention of my projects below.

  • Project A: I finished another revision for this project, and I’m currently formatting and making some light revisions for a beta reader to give me a proofreading edit for the piece. Once this is done, I can begin making queries in earnest (see below).
  • Project F: Been doing a bit more mapmaking and experimentation with Wonderdraft, but I need to set up a planning file in OneNote or Scrivener. I’ll see which one seems to work better.
  • Project S: I want to finish a first draft of this (even though I’ve been revising it as I go along as well) by this week. This has been taking up too much of my headspace. After I’m done with it, I think I might show it on a couple of forums before deciding whether to run it here. I’ll let you know the reaction.

For those interested, my “official” writing handle on Reddit is u/librarysqatter. Do what you wish with that information, or drop me a line.

I’m hoping to get out a midweek post this week. Hoping.


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