Writing Journal: 10.20.2019 [EDIT: 10.21.2019, Oops]: Treading water, but feel like I’m being creative

What you are seeing in the featured photo is the Iowa State Capitol. I’m in Des Moines (the Iowa state capital) for the next couple of days, so I’m hoping that I get to sit down and get some writing done when I’m not busy.

Honestly, not much change from last time; still writing the same stuff I have been for the past couple of weeks. This little side project I have going on I want to get done – maybe by the end of the year? It’s sort of an obsession with me at this point.

I’m also hoping to finish the Wonderdraft review in the next few days too – I’ve already started it and you’ll see it here first.

OK, cutting this short because it’s late, but here’s the stats from last week. Enjoy.

+4,466 words written.

Days writing: 6 of 7.

Days revising/planning: 5 of 7 for 240 total minutes.

Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 7 of 7 days.

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