Writing Journal 1.26.2020: Catching up after two weeks

Well, I wound up taking a break from posting for a bit.

I’ve gotten busy with things having to do with work and with the move. Writing at time seems to be a low priority with me, even though it’s one of the few things that is helping me relax. Many things are going on with trying to find a new house in the new town and selling the old house in the old one. Plus, I have my son finishing up his technical school and looking for work in three months and my daughter graduating high school and headed off to university, where I have the feeling she’ll spend plenty of time at rather than home with us.

With all of this going on, getting writing stuff accomplished and reaching goals seems a low priority with me. Then again, I can make all of the goals I want but still decide not to reach them. I think that I’m trying to keep things realistic this year. Whether I have a better year writing than what I did in 2019 is an open question, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I’m not as prolific.

It’s bleeding over into some other areas now. If anyone has been following my Facebook  and Twitter pages for a while, I haven’t been posting as much writing articles or items other than the blog posts and a few odds and ends. It gets really exhausting trying to post new stuff or articles all the time, and to be honest I’m not really a fan of Facebook for all of the falsehoods and misleading advertising it has all the time. I rarely browse the thing anymore and I’ve deleted the main app for it from my phone (maybe the fourth time in the past several months). If it wasn’t for my page on Facebook there’s a good chance I’d delete my account altogether.

I think everything that has been happening with me has slowed the momentum I had going on as a writer. However, with the move, I’m essentially leaving my writing community behind and I’ll have to start over with that, there’s nothing else for it. It doesn’t make sense for me to try and be this ambitious about a passion project or projects if I have so many real life things to deal with, especially in the next four to six months.

There’s so many changes coming. Hopefully the rest of the first half of the year flies by and I feel more settled by the end of it.

Here’s the stats, anyway. First week went well, but I have a feeling that the most recent week will be more typical of my production for the foreseeable future. Anyway, hope your writing goes well and have a great week.

Week of 1.12.2020:

+8,425 words written.

Days writing: 4 of 7.

Days revising/planning: 4 of 7 for 210 total minutes.

Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 7 of 7 days.

Week of 1.19.2020:

+2,160 words written.

Days writing: 4 of 7.

Days revising/planning: 2 of 7 for  90 total minutes.

Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 5 of 7 days.

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