Writing Journal 2.16.2020: Status quo

Not much to write about this week, so I’ll keep it quick.

Honestly, the most exciting stuff I did this week was start getting rid of a massive amount of stuff at my house in preparation for our impending move. Halfway through life, I already see having a lot of stuff as just too much trouble to be honest.

(My wife joked if I was ready to get rid of some of my books. To be honest, however, I have been pretty brutal in recent years with cutting down my book collection to a manageable size.)

Writing has been pretty status quo. I did a lot of revisions to my current project and will continue with that (read here if you want the full story of what I’m working on.)


Aaand… really, that’s all I have this week. I need to give myself permission to be boring sometimes with this blog.

Here’s the stats for this week. Good luck with everyone’s writing.

+2,578 words written.

Days writing: 5 of 7.

Days revising/planning: 3 of 7 for 330 total minutes.

Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 5 of 7 days.

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