Getting Caught Up…

… and I screwed up getting a blog out this weekend. I am in the process of writing it, but since it is getting late, I will be putting it out at noon tomorrow (7.26.2021). Once I get that done, I’ll get the writing journal blog ready for Wednesday and another out for Saturday at noon.

I may not have mentioned it, but I decided a few months back to go to another school district to work, and I found out that I will officially be on with them next academic year. With that in mind, I will be working to make sure I can keep up this writing schedule not only in the summertime when I have all the time in the world to work (or procrastinate) but later when I get back to teaching full-time.

Maybe I am right – in the end, I do better when I hold myself to a hard schedule and not give myself much time to make it. Maybe I do better on a deadline.

See you tomorrow.

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