I’m Kicking Off My Podcast… Slowly

Remember when I talked about starting up my own podcast for this blog? Well, it’s already started.

Indicative of the kind of recording gear I don’t have on hand.
Photo by Wallace Chuck on Pexels.com

Well, I have now taken leave of my senses and decided to actually have a companion podcast to this blog. Here it is – however, you can also find it over on Spotify thanks to Anchor. Both of these links are now in the blog sidebar, as well as an RSS feed.

For now, I am keeping this pretty simple – it will be just me reading my posts more or less word for word. I have no idea about audio production or sound effects, etc., even though I did manage to work in radio for a couple of hot seconds back in my journalism days. I’m not going to do audio versions of my writing journals – I think that would get pretty dry and repetitive listening to over time. However, I do plan to redo the more content heavy blogs I’ve done recently and in the past, such as the A Writer’s Biography series and some of the other ones I’ve done over the past four years.

I’ll record a podcast about this blog now, but I will be busy attempting to record and upload some more content from years past onto the podcast. It will take me a while to do that, but at least I’ll have plenty of content to upload for a time. I hesitate to think that I might actually turn this into something that not only people could listen to, but could actually make money at… but that will be a bit in the future. For right now, I’ve just got my feet in the ocean and getting a feel for what the possibilities might be like.

Photo by Kellie Churchman on Pexels.com

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