Getting To Work

Today’s featured photos was one of the Pexels photos that I found when I did a search for “Getting to Work.”

Yeah, I was surprised at the photo too. (Credit for this photo goes to Maggie Rivers. Check her out.)

Honestly, I’m a bit embarrassed to be posting this late on Sunday. I know I was getting more engagement on a Saturday post, but I let things sit until now. Partly that was because I was busy putting together a few things for my wife this weekend, but partly because I thought I was going to be writing something far more profound that what I’m about to do.

I’ve signed up with ConvertKit to see if I can get an email list going. I know some people have already used their email to subscribe to this blog, but my thinking is that I need to have something dedicated specifically to building that list and attracting readers to me, my past and future writings, and my blog. So, I’ve taken the plunge. and am going to start setting it up. I’ll probably wait a little bit before an official launch.

I’ll probably have some exclusive content, like fiction, poetry, or articles, I will be giving away exclusively for those who sign up. I’m still trying to get it all sorted in my head.

This week, I need to pump my writing back up. I wound up finishing some long delayed revision work on a project I’ve had on tap for a while.

Plans for the week

  1. Continue to set up the email list, especially this “landing page.”
  2. Look into Canva. I suck at designing things.
  3. Set up a query letter for my new project.
  4. Get more writing done.

Yup, it’s not much. But I might as well keep going and make more progress.

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