Writing Journal 12.8.2021: A pretty successful week, but I’m hoping to wrap some projects up

[PHOTO NOTE: A shot of my old home office in Muscatine. Gone from there but not forgotten, of course.]

I got a bit of writing done this week.

Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement.

If I was a cocky person, I’d be doing the literary version of grinning from ear to ear, because I’ve had, statistically, my best week of writing since (checking my journal) two different weeks in July. Not bad at all.

Of course, I could just get a brain hiccup or decide to procrastinate and everything drops back down to nearly nothing, as has happened this year. But, hope springs eternal as well.

I’m planning on trying to write a bit more during this month in particular to prevent a slump from my previous year’s output. Whether I have enough time to do that in just less than 30 days is another issue totally. But, if I don’t succeed, at least I might start up momentum for a record-breaking 2022.

Anyways, here’s my stats from last week. Hope everyone who writes has a good writing week, too. As for them and for everyone else, stay safe.

Writing statistics for the week ending 12.4.2021:
+5,576 words written.
Days writing: 5 of 7.
Days revising/planning: 0 of 7 for 0 total minutes.
Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 5 of 7 days.

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