Writing Journal 10 August 2022: Sort of slacked last week, but I’m feeling good about the year, honestly, even if I’m not getting as much done this summer as I’d hoped for

[PHOTO NOTE: This was a shot of the skies around Duluth, Minnesota, in July 2022. I wrote that blog post about writing while on vacation there while I was on vacation. Clever, I know.]

So, I am getting big into August and it is getting ever closer to the start of a school year. I am far enough into the summer that I am now actively thinking of the next school year and not about “vacation time.” That typically happens around July 31 on the calendar for teachers. I likely mentioned this at least once or twice, but the fact that I will be teaching language arts exclusively rather than just special education over the course of this year after not doing so for a decade is… a curious and unexpected development. I do not anticipate it being a horrific or difficult development, but I will hope that things went as pleasantly well as the previous year. One can always hope, and my situation is much more favorable than many of my fellow teachers in this country and even in this state. I also am wondering whether the increasing shortage of teachers will affect my district.

However, such thoughts and debates are not really part of the theme of this blog. Likewise, some things that have happened with my family have been interesting, but all in my family are well and I likely will not mention them here unless absolutely necessary.

In preparing my youngest (my daughter Madeline) for moving into her new apartment to continue her college career, I ended up not getting a lot done. In addition, her continual playing of Minecraft got my curiosity and I might have started building a medieval castle in single-play creative.

However, I did get some work done this week, although not too much work in researching KDP publishing. However, I am planning on getting more of that done before meeting with my writing group this week.

Also, I was running the numbers for how much I have written this year, and I estimate that I am now 10,000 words ahead of pace to make my goal of 200,000 words this year. Good times.

Well, here are last week’s numbers, such as they are. I should get at least another post out this week. Take care everyone.

Writing statistics for the week ending 6 August 2022:
+3,146 words written.
Days writing: 3 of 7.
Days revising/planning: 2 of 7 for 60 total minutes.
Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 5 of 7 days.

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