Writing Journal 1 September 2022: A bit rubbish this week

It was not a week to brag about as I began my first week of teaching classes (which are pretty much all language arts classes).

Not yet sure about the grading workload, but I will work to make sure that I try to get through it with as less stress as possible. One advantage I have is that I’m not having to deal with any of the high level of paperwork that you have to get through as a special education teacher. I don’t necessarily mind not having to do that, but I did appreciate the chance to use my writing abilities to put together some decent individual education plans (IEPs) for my students.

Again, last week was not a horrible writing week – I had at least one not as good as the start of the month – but its not where I want it to be or expect of myself. At this point any week where I don’t write over 4,000 words is going to be a bit of a disappointment to me. And that’s a good feeling to have. There have been so many times over my life where I would just be satisfied with not getting anything done. The new demanding me is more satisfying. I still haven’t gotten as far as I’d like, but I can see the growth in what I am producing ever so slowly.

Anyway, enough of that. Here’s the stats; feel free to check out my first post on Substack – there’ll be more to come along with more here.

Writing statistics for the week ending 27 August 2022:
+3,159 words written.
Days writing: 4 of 7.
Days revising/planning: 1 of 7 for 60 total minutes.
Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 4 of 7 days.

2 thoughts on “Writing Journal 1 September 2022: A bit rubbish this week

  1. Don’t let yourself be too disappointed in your lower word count — the first weeks of school don’t just mean more work. I alway experienced a lot of fatigue, both physical and mental, in the switch from the non-demands of summer to the heightened influx of demands from students and administration. All that teen-aged angst floating around takes a toll on us oldies! Stay well, Pat

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