Writing Journal 9 November 2022: I’m close to the finish line of my yearly writing goals

I’m not at the finish line for my yearly goals, but I’m definitely getting close to them.

When I started this year, for the first time ever I decided to set two yearly goals for myself. Given my writing performance over the past four years (I’ve tracked my word count for a few years before that, but 2018 was the first year that I used my current system), I believed 200,000 words was an attainable goal. Also, given that past performance, I believed that setting an overall goal of meeting my daily writing quotas at least 70 percent of the time was also attainable.

As we continue through November and some other writers are blitzing their way through National Novel Writers Month, I’m going at a bit slower pace than them (again, a minimum of 500 words per day as opposed to 1,667 per day that you would need to successfully complete NaNoWriMo), but I’m putting up some solid numbers last week and recently.

As of right now, I estimate that including last week’s total, I’m less than 14,000 words away from reaching my goal. I could very easily reach that by the end of the month, never mind the year. After that, my current official personal word count record is 208,919, set back in 2020. With about eight weeks left in the year, that record is absolutely within reach.

My current record of daily writing quota met (either 500 words a day or 30 minutes of revisions/planning) stands at 78 percent set in 2019. It would take a near miracle for me to match that mathematically this year, but as of right now I am averaging 75 percent success. I haven’t gotten over 70 percent for a year since 2019, so that’s good news for me.

Anyway, here’s the numbers for last week – a pretty solid one for me. Hope all of you writers out there are having good weeks too. Take care.

Writing statistics for the week ending 5 November 2022:
+4,666 words written.
Days writing: 6 of 7.
Days revising/planning: 0 of 7 for 0 total minutes.
Daily writing goals met (500 words a day and/or 30 minutes of revisions/planning: 5 of 7 days.

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