Writing Journal 7 December 2022: Added Time

In soccer, each game is split into two 90-minute halves. However, each of those halves in practice almost never lasts for exactly 90 minutes. There are always pauses in the action of the game to prepare for things like free kicks or corner kicks, book players for rough play, taking care of injured players, and other items.

Unlike in other time-regulated sports, however, the clock does not stop counting down during this time. The referee simply makes note of the stoppage, and at the end of the regulation 90 minutes, he announces how much additional “added time” is to be played before he blows his whistle to end the half and/or the game. It’s a time when all the players know the action is going to stop, and they have to do everything they can to make a difference in the game. Sometimes, they actually manage to do it.

Now that I met my writing goal, I get the feeling that I’m in added time for the rest of 2022. Here’s the stats for last week and the month of November.

Writing statistics for the week ending 4 December 2022:
+5,249 words written.
Days writing: 5 of 7.
Days revising/planning: 2 of 7 for 90 total minutes.
Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 6 of 7 days.

Writing statistics for November 2022:
Words: 20,830
Revisions/Planning: 210 minutes.
Daily Writing Goals Met: 74%

So, last week’s numbers I would be happy with nearly any time I would see them. My monthly totals were the best that I have seen since July of this year and officially represent my second most productive month of 2022.

My all-time official record for words in a year is 208,919. As of the end of Saturday, I’m within 4,164 words of matching that total.

My all-time record for meeting my daily quota is a 78 percent success rate. I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to match that this year, but I’m all but assured of meeting the goal I set this year of meeting my daily writing quota 70 percent of the time.

Anyway, I hope all the writers out there meet their goals or whatever their dreams are, and I hope everyone out there is staying safe. Now, here’s the part of the program where I beg you to sign up for my newsletter and mailing list. The info is below.

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