18 December 2022: How it’s going for me

This is going to be late today on Sunday.

I ended up blowing much of today watching the World Cup final today, and I’m actually watching a replay as I write this. Despite my previous efforts, this is a writing blog rather than a soccer blog, but what I will say is that I thought it was the best World Cup final I’ve yet seen, and I watched all of them since World Cup 1994. It was a great advertisement for The Beautiful Game, especially for some of the Americans who are getting more interested in the game. And it was really fantastic to see Lionel Messi finally win a World Cup, despite the fact that I considered him one of the best ever and you could easily fill an all-time team with great players who never even played in the World Cup, much less won it.


As for me… although I have not run the final numbers yet for last week, I strongly suspect that I somehow managed to creep over my all-time record of 108,919 words (set back in 2020) at that time. I’ll put out the official news here on Wednesday if you are that curious.

I think the productivity this year is absolutely a testament to my willingness to try and set a strong goal for myself this year and my rededication to writing here and on Substack. And I also think that the quality of those posts and the items that I’m working on away from here and Substack have grown, too.

I am still in a holding pattern regarding the new project that I announced a couple months back. As of right now, I was thinking it would be released in the new year, but exactly when the exact date that will happen is still up in the air. It is a bit of a cliche to chalk that up to the hurry-up and wait nature of traditional publishing, but it fits the situation here. However, I do have confidence that I will find out about this within the next few weeks. Watch this space.

I also want to get out more into the community, make more appearances in Iowa. I’ve only managed a few of those appearances last year, but I definitely want to do that more, especially this summer when my schedule as usual becomes much more open.

That’s about it for now. In about four days, I will be on break for the remainder of 2022. I’m definitely looking forward to it and the holiday season. Christmas with the family and the English Premier League on Boxing Day… good times.

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