Writing Journal 28 December 2022: Off a cliff

[PHOTO NOTE: What I got when I did a Pexel photo search for “Off a cliff.”]

As I alluded to in my discussion about holiday writing, my numbers fell off a cliff this week. Thank goodness that I’m already past my personal best word count for the year.

I did have a good Christmas Even and Christmas, visiting with my kids and meeting with my in-laws on Christmas. Boxing Day was, as my new tradition, glued to the television all morning and early afternoon watching the English Premier League matches.

I’m planning on traveling later this week to visit my own parents, so I need to make sure that I bring my laptop with me on that trip. I’ve had slightly better luck with writing on the road than on vacation, so let’s see if that works out again this week (lol). There’s so much to write that I have including fan fiction, the new novel project, and blog posts here and on Substack, that I shouldn’t feel like I have nothing to write.

My guess is that I am somewhere above 210,000 words as of right now. If I can manage it, it might be fun to get that to 212,000 to honor my old middle school. The room at Central Middle School in Muscatine where students were sent to serve suspensions was Room 212.

Anyway, here’s the stats for last week, sad as they are.

Writing statistics for the week ending 24 December 2022:
+1,816 words written.
Days writing: 3 of 7.
Days revising/planning: 0 of 7 for 0 total minutes.
Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 3 of 7 days.

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