Writing Journal, 1 February 2023: I knew I’d have a drop-off in productivity, and here we are

Hello to everyone.

I predicted last week here that I was probably due for a drop off in productivity after a great two weeks of writing, and it came pretty much as I expected.

Without getting into too many details (for which I’ll save for The Writing Life post on Saturday), I do think this week wasn’t a total loss for me. I had several good revision sessions last week, and I felt really good about how I have set up some of my procedures on my blogs. Essentially, I think I have to plan ahead to make sure I am making deadlines, but I think some of those new procedures might streamline my workflow.

Anyway, here’s the stats for last week.

Writing statistics for the week ending 1 February 2023:
+2,721 words written.
Days writing: 4 of 7.
Days revising/planning: 3 of 7 for 190 total minutes.
Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 6 of 7 days.

Writing statistics for January 2023:
Words: 20,346
Revise/Plan: 280 minutes
Daily Writing Goals Met: 93%

So, that’s considerably smaller writing productivity last week than in the past weeks, but I have to say that I am hoping I have that good of monthly numbers for the rest of the year. Anything typically over 12,000 words per month is okay, over 15,000 is good, and anywhere over 20,000 is excellent. Anything more than 200 minutes per month revising and/or planning is also good, and anytime I meet my daily goals better than 75 percent of the time is excellent.

Can’t gawk at those numbers too long, however, or I’ll fall further behind.

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