Writing Journal/Random Notes, 12.24.2017: Better, not up to par

As the holidays are upon us and the New Year beckons, I have the penultimate Writing Journal/Random Notes of 2017. The results of last week were… well, just look:

+2.354 words written.

Days writing: 5 out of 7.

Daily writing goals met (500+ words): 3 out of 7 days.

Overall, an improvement over last week. I have all but gotten through the scene that seemed to go on forever. Now, I am getting into the last stretch.

Last night, I hit the 80k word mark for my project. The current overall stats for that:

Current length of first draft: 80,011 (as of the beginning of today).

Current goal for first draft length by Dec. 31, 2017: 83,500-85,000.

[85K is doable if I have the best writing run of the year. Since I’ve got this entire following week off, I have to think it is possible.]

Planned length of first draft: 95,000-99,999.

So… I’m looking forward to the writing run of the year to finish up 2017 in style. Next week, when I do the end-of-year writing journal, I think that I will have to have a follow-up or final tally for at least the last four months (since I began my new writing goal) to see what sort of performance I came up with during that time.

Random Notes:

  1. It’s going to get harder to be productive the closer I get to the 95,000-99,999-word limit I have in mind for the project. Right now, I still have three vital scenes to write and two other vital scenes to rewrite. Whether I can fit them into the space I have is going to be an interesting thing. There is a good chance one of the subplots I had in mind for the book might be totally cut or drastically reduced to make it in. However, I really believe in this hard and fast rule on the word-count limit, both for commercial viability and the ability to tell a story that is not going to drag excessively.
  2. Being able to do that and be true to the 500-word a day rule will be another interesting challenge. What I might have to wind up doing is talking into account cutting several “first draft” scenes, if they are not suited for the story that has evolved.
  3. Don’t ask me about those query letters. I need to get out more.
  4. Since I do have the week off, I might be able to run a midweek blog post for once.

That’s about all for now. Happy holidays and more later.

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