Year-End Review: What did I write the last half of 2017?

OK, I promised the final totals for the year-end stuff.

This is going to be a little different – I am only counting my output from the start of September (when I made my new daily writing goal) to December 31, 2017. I plan to keep data for the following year, although what it will show me would be an open question. Excel really helped me organize the numbers, so it made it a lot more simple than I anticipated.

The Numbers:

Current project (The American 9) word count: 83,715 words as of Dec. 31, 2017.

Goal for this project: 95,000-99,999 words.

Total words written from 9.1.2017-12.31.2017: 56,303.

Average words per week (3,500-word quota): 3,312.

Days writing: 96.

Average days per week writing: 5.6.

Days meeting word count quota: 65.

Average days per week meeting writing quota: 3.8

OK. My thoughts on all of this:

  1. 56,000 words is a pretty good decent number. That is well over 50 percent of my book right there done in three months.
  2. I’m disappointed that my average was not above my weekly quota. Close, but not quite. I would really like that to be a goal for me in the upcoming year, to make that quota or better throughout the year.
  3. Despite whatever setbacks or downers I’ve had, I’ve never been writing with this consistency before in my life. I never went more than two days in a row without writing anything, and that’s never happened with me before.
  4. I think I have a good system for keeping track of my writing production. I’ll put it into practice this year.
  5. I will have to consider what goals to work on when I shift more toward revising than writing regularly. If you have any ideas on what I could use for goals on that I’d be open to suggestions.
  6. 2018 will be a very interesting writing year for me.

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