Writing Journal/Random Notes 6.16.2018: Hanging around and waiting

Yeah, so, another lag on the writing front:

+1,239 words written.

Days writing: 2 out of 7.

Days revising: 2 out of 7 for 90 total minutes.

Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of revisions): 3 out of 7 days.

It’s been worse, but I’ve seen better.

I think the theme of this week is going to be waiting. That might explain a little bit of the lag. Also… not that I’m depressed, but if you’re down or not able to go out and about as much as you normally would, that’s not conducive to writing, is it? I never got the idea of being inspired by being depressed – if I’m in a not-positive mood, it’s more difficult for me to write, not less.

[I’m fine right now; don’t worry about me. 👍🏻🙂]

Anyway, back to the waiting [and writing, mixed in with Random Notes because why not]:

  • Most of that waiting is related to my book in revision, The American Nine. I’m planning on making it available for some beta readers in my local writing group next week, but I won’t get the full results of that until our meeting next month. I’m interested to see what sort of feedback I get from them.
  • Also, there’s that writers’s conference I talked about before. However, that’s not until next week. I’m looking forward to the opportunity for a professional critique on what I’ve been working on, and actually pitching on it to the MWC Press as well. As for the latter situation, I’m not expecting to get published by them or anything, but I still think that the experience of pitching my project to people is invaluable.
  • Due to both budget constraints and a lack of workshops that would fit my interests, I’m only planning on attending two out of the three days (which helps on fuel expenses). I think I’ll likely recount how the conference goes here (sort of an after-action recap) here on the blog.
  • Despite waiting on the beta readers, I’ve been doing a tiny bit of tinkering with The American Nine. One of the alterations that I made was a change in the name of a supporting character that just sort of sat there for me before. Now I think it works, though. But I’m curious – you ever had a situation where you forgot what you renamed a character and actually had to go back to the manuscript and remind yourself what the new name was? That just happened to me this morning.
  • The rest of the projects I’ve talked about recently and there’s not much movement on them, so I’ll spare you the repeat stories. I have to admit that I have a habit of repeating stories IRL, as my kids and students can recount. So, I try to be wary of doing the same thing online.
  • I have to admit that the World Cup starting this week has been a distraction. But it’s a good distraction. Besides, how would I have gotten The American Nine into being if not for my soccer obsession? So, that’s non-negotiable for me. 😎

That’s about it for now. I’ll get back later. Thanks to everyone that’s been visiting and reading my stuff for the past year; I appreciate it very much.

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