Oh, Yeah, Happy Anniversary To The Blog…

So, I was noodling around online, totally oblivious to more than a few things, when I saw this:

Ugh, I knew I’d forgotten something. 😑

Remember that first post a year and a day ago?

Yeah, that was a little bit of a shambles. The first “official” post worked out better. Go ahead and read through it if you have a second – it’s a good representation of where I was at that point as a writer, as well as something of a manifesto of my intent for the blog. As I explained there and also later in my biographical A Writer’s Biography posts, the idea behind this was to finally codify, formalize, and provide a platform for me to not only discuss my philosophies and journey as a writer, but eventually promote my own writing. From the “Welcome” post:

Although I have been interested in being a writer ever since I was a teenager, it’s only been in the past several years that I have had the mental discipline to produce fiction writing on anything close to a consistent basis.

I’d say that was an understatement, but anyway… What sort of progress have I made in the year since?

Actually, quite a bit. The first project that I had just completed at the start of this blog (The Holy Fool), through some serendipity and steady work, is now in the initial process of publication, and I am hoping I will be able to let you know when you might be able to purchase/download and purchase a copy of it sometime soon. One of the projects that was in the planning stages at the start of my blogging time (The American Nine) is now through the rough draft stage and now is awaiting outside input before moving deep into the revising process, complete with beta readers and critiques. Finally, I have two other writing projects I have now started to toy around with and bring out of the writing mothballs.

I’ve done a few other things with the blog. I’ve used it to put forward my thoughts on writing, what I’ve picked up over the past 20 years of journalism, teaching, and writing. I’ve managed to post well over 100 blogs so far, although more than a few of them have been just updates of what I’ve written and revised during the past week. I’ve even shared some of my original writing with you here as well. I thought it couldn’t be a proper writing blog if I didn’t do that, even if some of the material was uneven.

And, I’ve picked up some followers – somewhere over 70 at my last count. I hope everyone who has visited has found something interesting to read, on one topic or another.

By my estimation, this is the longest regular writing project I have ever undertaken. I tried so many times to start journals or other writings, but I never made it stick. I’m glad that this one has, and I look forward to recounting more about my writing and writing in general here. I’ve really enjoyed it.

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