Writing Journal 9.16.2018: A lull but still active

The totals:

+1,395 words written.

Days writing: 4 out of 7.

Days revising: 2 out of 7 for 60 total minutes.

Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of revisions): 2 out of 7 days.

Not much to write about. Not nothing, but not numbers to brag about. To be honest, I haven’t had those for a while, but I’ve also been in revision heck for a while, too.

I have to say that part of the deal with me recently has been me waiting for what’s going on with my past project that is now in the publishing pipeline. I am getting anxious for it to come out and be able to start promoting it. I am not expecting a bestseller, by any means, but I want to be able to say that I’m a published author so that I can take that and build on it. From what I have observed, getting published begets more getting published, and I am increasingly anxious with getting on to the begetting. However, I have to have patience, as everyone who I know who has been through the process has told me.

The overall result has been that I’ve felt stalled on future projects even though nobody is stopping me at gunpoint from working on them. I can apparently focus on a couple of things at once, but when it gets down to several projects, my focus drifts. I’ve mentioned how my focus can drift before.

Currently, there is one book in publication, one that is in version 3.5 according to the revisions, and two other projects that are in various stages of rough draft (between minimal and drafts in the low five figures). I just told you about the first one, the second one I’m trying a mini-revision until thoroughly going over the notes of one of my beta readers, and I’ve not touched the last two projects for at least since the beginning of summer. So, there’s that.

I have to say that I’ve gotten a bit more active on the blog than usual, thanks to some good inspiration. I’ve got at least one more idea for a good post that will likely come out Friday, and then I’ll have to see what is stirring my attention.

This was interesting – I did a rough word count of my Writer’s Biography posts today and the numbers are in the low five figures. I never thought that I would have anything of interest worthy of a memoir, but perhaps I’ve started writing it and not noticed.

Also, I realized I’ve been using a certain catchphrase at the end of my posts quite a bit. Even though I think it’s cool, I’m going to calm down on using it so it doesn’t annoy anyone actually reading this. However, according to the stats I have more than 80 followers at this point, so I’m going to assume at least someone is. Take care.

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