An Update re: Publishing

…and I’m going to have to delay the post I had in mind this week. It’s coming next week.

But… I decided now might be the time to break some news regarding that book that’s been in the publishing process. That book? I just got the proof copy back from my publisher this Tuesday.

Right now, I’m in the process of editing, reviewing the copy, making sure everything is ready to go. (I’ll count that work towards my revising totals, as I might be too occupied for other revisions for a bit.)

As soon as everything is in place, I’ll be releasing all details about the book, especially where you can get it. 🙂

My mood is cautiously excited and my daughter appears impressed, which always makes me happy. The whole family is happy for me, although this is new territory for them as well.

If I don’t celebrate being a published author before the year is out, I have a feeling it will come soon afterward. It’s a cool feeling, no matter how many people buy my book at this point.

I’ll get back in touch later.


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