Waiting On A Snow Day (New Poem)

I told you all those snow days inspired me. Keep reading to see the new poem.

Waiting On A Snowy Day

You’re not at school, but not on vacation.

You’re at home, bunkered down against the snow and the ice and the deep freeze temps.

But you’re not on break.

It’s a snow day.

Big difference.

On break, you know when you will be away from school, and when you’ll be back.

Not on a snow day.

On that day, you’re anxious.

On that day, you don’t know if you’ll be home one day or two.

You don’t know if your well-laid plans for today will be good for tomorrow

And you don’t know if tomorrow’s well-laid plans will remain well laid.

That depends on the ice on the ground, the roads, and the power lines,

The snow on the streets

How hard the wind blows

And how many degrees it falls below zero.

You lay there in bed, one eye on your phone or the television,

Waiting for the text, the email, the notice on your local weather channel to say,

“Classes cancelled for today.”

Then you have one more day of no school,

But not another break day.

Also, this is what my wife did with the poem for my Facebook and Twitter pages. Isn’t she wonderful?

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