Writing Journal 7.7.2019: A slow July Fourth week means I get to work and quit making excuses

Honestly, this is going to be a short post.

I could try and dazzle you with explanations about how active the Fourth of July week has been, packed with trying to get kids back and forth from activities, missing my wife being away, and how bloody hot it is in this state in July.

But those would be explanations that would turn into excuses, and I’m not really interested in trying to find a clever explanation for things.

I just became inert this week. No significant progress on any of these great projects, so, no point in giving project updates.

And I’m tired of seeing me repeat myself over and over again in these journals. Either I’m going to try and increase my productivity and call myself a good author or I’m not.

I’m going to (I mean it this time, really) lay out how my writing has gone according to the numbers for the first part of the year. To preview my findings: they started out OK, went slowly downhill over the course of the months, and picked up suddenly in June. Not horrible, but not what I like to see.

Speaking of that, here’s the numbers for last week.

+458 words written.

Days writing: 1 of 7.

Days revising/planning: 5 of 7 for  270 total minutes.

Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions):  5 of 7 days.

Again, not the worst numbers I’ve ever had, but I’m tired of seeing them this low.

I’m picking things up this week, and I’d better mean it this time. Otherwise I’m going to look even more like a jerk then.

See you later.

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