Writing Journal 9.15.2019: I think I need to get back to some of my original projects, but I was writing this week, so there’s that

So, this will be short.

I’ve been sort of on a mental vacation ever since not meeting some of my deadlines for some of my projects. Fan fiction has been taking up some of my head space, even though I believe it is a good way to expand and exercise my writing skills.

[Side note: I know what George R.R. Martin has said against fanfiction, specifically those who feature A Song Of Ice And Fire (ASOIAF) and the Game Of Thrones (GOT) series, like I currently am doing. If you ask me though, as a professional writer, I would kill to have the sort of fan interest that would prompt people to emulate my writing and characters. As long as those fanfiction writers either A., don’t profit off that fanfiction, or possibly B., make sure I get a cut in the unlikely event they do try and make a buck off it, I’d be good with it. Anyway, I’m still writing.]

It’s kind of embarrassing, but have you ever had a situation where you worked throughout the week and got settled onto a favorite recliner or sofa after work and didn’t want to get up for the remainder of the night? Yeah, I’ve had whole weeks like that. Good thing I can write on my cell phone using Google Docs, right? However, not all of my work is on there.

My plan this week is to work on doing more revisions to my original projects. I’m hoping to see that happen, but the best laid plans of men…

Anyway, stat time:

+8,117 words written.

Days writing: 5 of 7.

Days revising/planning: 3 of 7 for 150 total minutes.

Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 7 of 7 days.

So statistically, not too much different from last week.

Well, I’me going to get back to it. Hope you have a great week.

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