Writing Journal 16 November 2022: This week was maybe par at best

[PHOTO NOTE: I rearranged my bookshelves and also got a couple of new items. The Son by Philip Meyer is turning into a nice little read.]

Meeting my word count goal of 200,000 for the year 2022 is getting closer by the day. I’m just about to reach it. I’m just under 10,000 words to the goal. If I wrote out of my mind for the next 10 days I just might be able to actually reach it by Thanksgiving.

But given my writing rates recently, that might be a bridge too far. The numbers for last week are not horrific but not inspiring either.

Writing statistics for the week ending 12 November 2022:
+3,364 words written.
Days writing: 5 of 7.
Days revising/planning: 1 of 7 for 60 total minutes.
Daily Writing Goals Met (500+ words or 30 minutes of planning/revisions): 5 of 7 days.

Again, if this was a younger me who seemed to struggle for any sort of consistency writing, those wouldn’t be bad numbers. But then again, I’m not settling for okay numbers, I want good numbers and consistent numbers.

Even if I’m working full-time at another job like I am now, I still should be over 4,000 words per week. If I just meet my daily writing quote of 500 words a day, that would add up to 3,500 words. Just good isn’t enough, though.

Oh, I’m also trying to experiment with Mailchimp to see if I can build an email community that might be interested in what I have to write, but I’m trying to keep up with the writing at the same time. Maybe I start looking at it in December once I met my goal, hehe.

Anyway, all you other writers keep writing and everyone keep safe.

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