I Would Love It If You’d Subscribe To My Substack

My Substack page is now operating under a new name – The Writing Life With Jason Liegois. It is now a companion piece to this blog, and I have moved my archive of older posts from Liegois Media to that site.

This does not in any way mean that I am abandoning this site. On the contrary, this site will continue to be one of the main home bases, so to speak, for my writing and online activity.

However, I am using Substack to help build something that is far overdue for me… an email list.

One of the pieces of advice that I have been receiving from fellow writers both online and in real life (IRL) is that building an email list of readers has been a good way of getting people interested in what you are doing and what you are writing. I’m interested in building a community of readers, of people who get something out of what I write.

And I promise that I just won’t bother you every time I’m interested in selling something (like new books that might be on their way), but usually just to let you know what I’ve been writing, what I’ve been thinking of, and even just how things have been. You can get on Substack chats with me if you’ve got questions about writing or want to chat about whatever questions I’m chatting about.

So, definitely feel free to subscribe to my WordPress, but if you have already subscribed to that, I would absolutely appreciate it if you subscribed to my Substack so I could build that email list and you can get access to the newsletter. Send along your email and I absolutely promise I won’t send you any pyramid schemes, crypto scams, or phishing attempts. But you will get access to some good writing when it comes out.

Just click on the link below to subscribe to my Substack newsletter, The Writing Life With Jason Liegois:


Now, you aren’t absolutely positively required to send your emails to me so I can send you new posts, new releases, and maybe even offer you a contest or two. But really…

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