Writing Journal/Random Notes 2.4.2018: Not as good as I want to be, not as good as I should be, but better than I have been

And it’s a late post tonight.

That’s not so much having to do with the Super Bowl. (I saw the beginning of the game and the second part of the fourth quarter, but that’s about it. My interest in American football has been draining away considerably this season, and it’s been the least amount I’ve probably watched in years.) It’s got more to do with family stuff and wanting to get distracted by various videos.

Oh, this is where I list the totals, right? OK. I’ve made a modification to the list to reflect that I’m now including revising time in the calculations. I will list how often I’ve revised and for how long. I will also include in the daily writing goals whether I have made either writing or revising goals – either one will count toward the total.


+1,519 words written.

Days writing: 3 out of 7.

Days revising: 1 out of 7 for 30 total minutes.

Daily writing goals met (500+ words or 30 minutes of revising):  2 out of 7 days.


  1. The subtitle to this post pretty much summarized my thoughts on the word count. It is a better performance than last week, but since last week was my worst writing performance since starting this thing, I’m not jumping up and cheering.
  2. I’m almost through this scene of death 😉 I talked about before, but not quite. Maybe one good day of meeting my writing quota and I should be done with it. After that, either writing or revising should go better (until I get into another tricky scene, ha ha).
  3. I am officially past the 90,000-word mark on the rough draft. As I mentioned before, I am shooting for a 95,000-99,999-word rough draft and keeping all further revisions under the 100,000-word mark for both artistic and commercial reasons.
  4. Right now, my expectations are that I finish this rough draft and begin my first full revision of it by March 30, my birthday. I think that is a very doable goal..

OK. A few random notes:

  1. Usually I’m not a share-happy or cross-posting person on this page. Almost everything on the WordPress page is directly my ramblings. However, this was an exception because I’m all in favor of helping out my local community of writers – in this case, Writers On The Avenue, based in my hometown of Muscatine. Check them out sometime.
  2. I really need to start using Freedom more and not be a wuss about it.
  3. I need to put out another blog soon, about revising.
  4. I’ll also continue to publish some old poems or writings occasionally as well. I’m thinking of looking over what I saved from an old blog and see if any of it might fit here.
  5. This summer is when I’ll be doing a lot to get my book (Working title: The Holy Fool) published, whether by a regular publisher or by myself.
  6. Random thought: would A Fool’s Errand be a better title? Tell me what you think.
  7. I need to get some sleep.
  8. More later.

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