After almost a month through that stupid scene I was stuck in, I am finally out and done with it!

Or, at least, done with it in a rough draft sense.

Got a great writing session in last night. About 2 1/2 hours of revising last night, on a critical scene where my main character is essentially trying out for his new team. I managed to merge a new portion of that scene with an older scene to keep the flow going, interact with a character I think was important for the MC to interact with, and clean up any odds and ends. I even managed to add close to 400 words in the process.

Tonight will be a revising night for sure. What I have left to do is this:

1. Totally rewrite a climatic scene where my MC makes a final break with his old life to go on with his new one. The location and format of that meeting will be totally different, but his message and how he feels about it will be the same. I’ll have to cut all of that initial work, so my overall word count is going to drop for a while. That’s OK, however; more room to roam.

2. See how much space I have to add what I think would be a great subplot, but if it puts me over my 99,999-word limit, I’ll have to leave it out. (I might wait to make that decision when I get to the first revision.)

3. Write the last scene. I’m thinking this could easily be the start of a trilogy for me, so it will allude to this being just the start of adventures for my MC and his new teammates. [SPOILER ALERT] [SNEAK PEEK] You are about to see what I am picturing will be the final piece of dialogue in the book. I wrote it on my dry erase board a few months ago for motivation. I’m so looking forward to seeing these staring up from the electronic screen and the page:

Can’t wait.

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